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Cliffs of Hogklint

Vibble, Gotland County, Sweden
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Outside of Visby, Sweden on Gotland Island there is a small fishing village named Ygne. Ygne is just outside of Vibble, another small village. Above the fishing village of Ygne are the Hogklint Cliffs which is one of the highest cliffs on the Island and provide magnificent views. There is a park at the top of the cliffs with paths that take you around the entire cliff. It is also possible to walk, albeit a long walk/hike from Visby along the coast to the top of the cliffs. There are signs close to the cliff's edge warning of the hazardous conditions. There is also a wooden staircase you can walk down the cliff to the Baltic Sea below. If you wish you can also hike down to or up from the fishing village below. A very fun place to visit.
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Points of interest

From the cliffs you have a distant view of the city of Visby
A small fishing village located below the cliffs that looks amazing from above
A Nature Reserve at the top of the cliffs outside of Visby

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