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'City of Pines': Baguio City, Philippines

Baguio, CAR, Philippines
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While most of SE Asia is VERY hot and humid in the summer (June) I made a sojourn to Baguio City, Philippines to 'cool' off.

And boy did I!

Wonderful, daytime high temps around 80F with evening cooling to the mid-60s. And in some evening rain and it started to feel cold!

Aside from the temps, the city is wonderfully clean, green, and well organized. A real treat visiting as it was VERY different from the rest of the Philippines (that I visited) where you would not use these adjectives.

Although not easy to get to, as there are no planes that fly there, thus requiring a long bus ride I highly recommend visiting while in the PI.
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Green, clean, and excellent infrastructure. You wouldn't think you're in the Philippines!

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by glennlaz


I love the cool weather here also!