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City Water

Virar, MH, India
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Anywhere along the coast in India, there will be trash. It always amazes me in beach towns and resorts in Asia how many of the local restaurants and bars and even the hotels actively pollute the resource that brings in the tourists and therefore, the money. But in cities, there is no escaping it. The water, waves, sand, and beaches of the metropolises and their suburbia are quite often an unpleasant color, and guide books will warn against really any exposure. The occasional trash in the waves, I am used to, sadly, but general health and safety warnings against getting in the ocean at all are pretty frightening.
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by Echochaser21


Been reading up on my local waterway recently - all the PCBs dumped in the Hudson River from GE in the 20th century - and how those things still affect the water here. Since a lot of the industries have been shipped/outsourced/generally moved to other countries, a lot of the pollution that goes with them has as well. And you are right that plastic & trash is a problem everywhere!