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Cinque Terre

Monterosso al Mare, Liguria, Italy
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Few regions on Earth have charmed and wowed me as much as Cinque Terre, the picturesque stretch of rocky coastline on the Italian Riviera comprised of five seperate unqiue villages. The terrain is rugged and you won't find miles and miles of white sandy beaches here. Instead, the towns are all integrated into the landscape with houses and buildings seemingly stacked and built into the hills wherever space could be found. I chose to stay in Monterosso Al Mare, the largest of the five municipalities. It's the least quaint and the most developed. Monterosso isn't where those countless screen saver and postcard images were taken that you're probably familiar with. But it does have more to see and do than the other villages, especially in its older, historic quarter which boasts several great restaurants and cafes. Monterosso also has a few beaches and coves great for laying out, swimming and even snorkeling. It turned out to be the best base for the area considering that reaching the other four towns by train is extremely easy. While it may not enchant you at first glance, give it a moment. Have a glass of wine at sunset along the shore, and I assure that you'll be powerless to resist.
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A Vigna Du Raffa
Incredible and affordable private apartments available for rent in the heart of Monterosso al Mare.


Pizzeria La Smorfia
Excellent local pizzeria with great pies at reasonable prices. Good for dine in or take away.

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