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Cincinnati - The Queen City: Don't miss these highlights on your weekend trip!

Cincinnati, OH, United States
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My boyfriend surprised me with an impromptu weekend trip to Cincinnati! We were only going to be there Friday night - Sunday afternoon, and I had to make sure we saw everything. Here's the rundown...

We stayed at the Hyatt Regency downtown. It was nice, but definitely middle of the road. If I had to do it all over again I would probably stay right across the street at the Millennium for $50 cheaper per night, or upgrade for a few extra dollars to the Hampton Inn downtown. Other than that, most of the hotels are located in the business district downtown. It will be about a 15 - 20min walk to get to the riverfront or the OTR district for the fun nightlife. UBER is your best friend! Save you feet and your time by ubering! Its 4 minutes by car, and about $5 - $10/trip. And we got some really great bar hopping suggestions from our Uber drivers.

While we were there we were there we happened to catch the St. Patrick's day parade, which was fun, but we were there to see/eat/drink everything Cincinnati had to offer! Some of the highlights included the Newport aquarium, Smale Riverfront Park, Eden Park, and Krohn Conservatory.

The riverfront was absolutely gorgeous at night and a super romantic walk. If you get tired of walking just stop in at the Morlean Lager house for a drink!

The Newport aquarium was nice. Be sure to purchase your tickets online for will-call pickup!!!!!! Do Not wait in line to purchase your tickets at the window, you'll be waiting all day. The underwater tunnels were super cool and the volunteers are equipped to answer every question you can think of.

The Krohn Conservatory was pretty but very very very small. We might have seen the whole thing in less than an hour, and that was at a very slow pace. However, its about $4 to get it. So make an afternoon out of walking through the park and going to the conservatory. Eden park has some excellent lookout views over the river.

Aaaand lets not forget the night life! After a lengthy bar crawl, my favorite place is Sundry and Vice. Do not miss it! This charming little bar is themed out and old timey/apothecary, and its so fun! The staff all have the aprons and suspenders on, the tin ceiling really sets the effect, but the drinks are Out of this World good! The bar tenders are so passionate about what they do and so precise that everything is delicious.

And last, but not least... I didn't make it to the Cincinnati Zoo on this trip, but I've been before and its phenomenal. If you have never been, make time and go! Its definitely one of the best zoos in the US.
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Bars and nightlife

Nicholson's Tavern & Pub
Nicholson's is a huge and strangely themed bar that is connected to a wonderful bar called the Horse & Barrel Bourbon bar. If you need to sit down in a relaxing atmosphere and chat while having a delicious bourbon cocktail, this is the place to be!
Sundry and Vice
This is one of the best bars I've ever been to. Not just in Cincinnati... everywhere. The theme is awesome and really well done, you really feel like you've gone back in time. And the bar tenders are incredible!!
Moerlein Lager House
After a long walk through the Smale Riverfront park, this was the perfect place to stop for drinks! I loved the Charlie Hustle cocktail (although it was a little pricey), and the pretzel appetizer was quite tasty.


Hyatt Regency Cincinnati
The Hyatt was nice, but not the best experience I've had with their brand.

Points of interest

Eden Park
This park is on a huge hill, so you can get some really great views of the river and of the city.
Krohn Conservatory
This conservatory is small but pretty. Its a great stop if you're walking through Eden Park or if you want to get out for a little bit on a rainy day. Admission is super cheap so make sure to stop in if you've got some free time.
Newport Aquarium
The newport aquarium has some really unique experiences. You can walk through several tunnels that run through the tanks and have the fish swimming all around you, and then you can walk over the sharks on a cargo-net bridge!
Smale Riverfront Park
This was such a romantic walk at night. The bridge was absolutely beautiful all lit up!!


Brooklyn Pizza & Pasta
This little hole in the wall restaurant is a great stop on your drive from Columbus to Cincinnati. The staff are friendly and the food it great!
Findlay Market
This is a fun place to go on sunday morning and pick up several items from different shops to make your own mish-mash lunch. Some of my favorites included the lobster bisque from the seafood counter with the french bread from the bakery in the main building.
Taste of Belgium OTR
The waffles were outrageous! In taste too, not just in price! We tried the chicken and waffles, their specialty, the beef tartare, and the chocolate raspberry torte for dessert. The chicken and waffels were ok, not my thing. The Beef tartare was seriously lacking in flavor, but the raspberry torte was HEAVENLY.
Greek Burrito
The food was incredibly fresh and delicious, the staff was beyond friendly, the portions were huge, and the prices were low. What more can you ask for?! Make sure you get the cilantro marinated tomato on your gyro!!

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