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Chimney Rock

Pagosa Springs, CO, United States
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We worked our way on north through northern New Mexico towards Durango, Colorado passing through Pagosa Springs. One of the highlights of the area is the imposing rock formation called Chimney rock which is now part of a national monument. The 315 foot tall formation is sacred to the Native Americans, and the surrounding area was home to about 2000 of the Pueblo people around 1000 AD. You can't just drive up and walk to the rocks because access is only allowed by organized tours, similar to Acoma Sky City to the south. There are numerous archaelogical digs in the area, and remains of kivas and dwellings can be seen on the tour. Like Bandalier, it was suddenly abandoned around the 12th century for reasons that we still don't understand. It has been theorized that it might have been due to climate changes that affected the agriculture in the area. Another of the many impressive sights of this wonderful area of our country and it's long cultural history.
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