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Checking Out A Baseball Game

Woodville, FL, United States
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Baseball seems to be slowly but surely losing its viewership, and it’s not hard to see why. The games tend to be very long, tend to be fairly low-scoring and it’s nearly there are ample breaks in the action. That said, I still like going to a ball game when it doesn’t break the bank, and non-professional games are a great solution to that. We went to watch FSU play and it was a great time. Every seat is a good seat since the stadium isn’t all that big, you don’t have to struggle with parking, and there’s no traffic jam when it comes time to leave. We had a good time because you can actually relax and converse during the game without it being a breach of etiquette. Contrast this with basketball or soccer where the continuous actions demands that fans be “locked in” the entire game.
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