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Chateau d'Arques, the Tall Tower Castle

Occitanie, Occitanie, France
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The castle at Arques is very different than all the other castle ruins that I visited across the countryside. This one is a 20 meter tall squarish tower with rounded turrets on all four corners. There's also a wall surrounding the castle and some enclosed grassy area, with a couple of buildings along the wall (including the tourist entrance now). In the main tower, you can go up the spiral staircase in one of the turrets to check out the various floors that the tower held. The other different thing about Arques is that it is in a valley, instead of on a mountaintop like all the others. Arques castle was started in 1268 and completed in 1316.
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For kids

You can check out this dinosaur museum while in the area.

Points of interest

Abbey of Saint-Hilaire
Besides castles, this area also has several ancient abbeys that you can visit. I mostly stuck to the castles this trip.
Château de Termes
I didn't go this way, but an alternate route could take you to the Termes castle.
Puilaurens Castle
The next castle I went to after Arques was Puilaurens. Not too far between the two.
Gorges de la Pierre-Lys
After leaving Arques, I drove through this gorge on my way to Puilaurens
Castle Coustaussa
Another castle ruin near to Arques, but currently off-limits to visitors for safety.
Arques Castle
Arques Castle
Nice tower-style castle that you can go up inside via the spiral staircase.

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