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Beautiful historic plantation with gorgeous gardens, scen...

Charleston, SC, United States
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My family and I took a summer vacation to Charleston, South Carolina. I'm pleased to say that Charleston exceeded our expectations in every way. Everyone who I knows that has visited Charleston speaks highly of it, yet it was still a wonderful surprise. Friendly people, southern culture, and great food.If relaxing beaches are your thing, Charleston's got you covered. Black history and historic plantations? It's got it. Historic downtown district? Check. Food tours, carriage tours, ghost tours for fun? Yep. Or maybe shopping is more of your speed? It's got that too.This charming southern U.S. city offers everything you could imagine. And the city and the people have gone out of their way to ensure that the local community is welcoming and accommodating to tourists. We definitely have to return as we didn't get a change to see everything this time around.
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