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Changing Seasons on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Balsam, NC, United States
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An early dusting of snow combined with the tail end of leaf season made for picture perfect scenery over the Blue Ridge Parkway this week. The lighting was also interesting with part of the mountains covered up with clouds and a few rays of sunshine hitting the golden leaves. Unfortunately, I did not bring my DSLR camera because it had been so cloudy and I did not think it would clear, so I had to settle for a picture using my phone. The Blue Ridge Parkway near Balsam is often closed during the winter when there is snow on the ground, so it was nice to get up there to take in the views.
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The Blue Ridge Parkway has an entry point near Balsam and this stretch commonly shuts down in the winter

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by tnguyen2005


The combination of colors in this picture is just layers of it..from close up to how it slowly fades into the distance and how the foliage kinda highlights some’s such a simple pix but the way it was taken though!