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Champs Elysees

75008 Paris, France
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When we were in Paris, France we had to do the obligatory walk down the Champs Elysees. Nothing identifies the street better than this large sign (pictured) on one of the buildings. As you can see by the picture this stretch of the Camps Elysees is very popular and extremely crowded. During our walk we encountered off and on showers and thankfully they were more off than on. Our wives had a mission during our walk and that was to visit the seven story Louis Vuitton store closer to the Arc de Triumph. I wasn’t really interested in the store because fashion to me is jeans and a t-shirt. We spent about an hour in the store and not one sales person offered to help us, I guess they didn’t like my attire. Hahaha! Champs Elysees is a great place to people watch if you are into that. We stopped by a few other shops during our walk before heading back to our hotel.
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If you can endure the crown it is fun to walk along the Champs Elysees

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