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Chambers Street Subway Station

New York, NY 10003, USA
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It takes a couple of years to really know the in and outs of the New York subway system. The problem mainly arrises in older stations where connections often are awkward, occassionally require long underground walks and orientation is easily lost. One of those stations is Chamber Street Station in Lower Manhattan. It is from the times when the subway system was run by private companies, each having a line or two. The origins of the station date back to 1913. When it opened it was the final stop for the "Brooklyn Loop Line" that came from Williamsburg on the other side of the East River. It then expanded and was home to the IRT line. Later, the BRT (Brooklyn Rapid Transit) and LIR (Long Island Railroad) lines were added. Starting in 1931 several subway lines that run south and north were part of the structure which today is a real mess. A large part of the station lacks light and is in desparate need of repair. It is nearly impossible to streamline operations, don't even think about going there with a stroller (endless stairs). And don't be surprised when your subway train conductor unexpectedly declares it to be the final stop. Get out of there and walk.
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