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Central Christian Church

Beloit, WI, United States
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This past weekend my friend and I decided to go church hopping to a church in Beloit. I love to go church hopping! Central Christian Church is a non denominational church and it is a pretty cool church. It is more of a campus type church which offered excellent views from up high and it has 3 big screen TV’s which makes the service a better experience than a standard church service you might be used to. The worship band was amazing and they sing new age Christian music to get anyone’s soul prepared to hear the days message. The pastor had a good message but I prefer messages more aimed at studying the Bible instead of listening to stories I don’t relate to from his personal experience. Overall it was a fun experience and a refreshing way to start the day!
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Central Christian Church
Central Christian Church
At Central Christian Church you can listen to new age Christian music along with a pretty good message. The only problem with this church was the sermon wasn’t my quite my style of the services I normally go to. However, I will definitely go back again someday when I feel inspired to go church hopping again.

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