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Cave of the Patriarchs at Hebron - Synagogue Side

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Since Hebron is well within the Palestinian Territories, special access patterns exist for Jewish visitors who wish to go to the Cave of the Patriarchs, the traditional burial site of Judaism's founders. One side is a Mosque, open to Jews on only certain days of the year; the other side is a synagogue. The entrance way to the latter has been developed into a park-like space (developed through the largesse of an Australian donor), leading into the section of the complex that serves as a synagogue.
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Hey, srdshelly, how did you get barclaycardtravel to allow you to select Hebron as the place for your story. I just posted a story I wanted to associate with Hebron, but the system doesn't let me pick Hebron (or any West Bank city) and just says, "you must select a place from the drop down list" after I pick Hebron from their list and try to push the Next step button. Maybe its something that worked years ago, but not now?