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Car rental rip offs are real in Iceland, $400 for a chip

Reykjanesbær, Iceland
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It is hard to do much in Iceland, outside of Reykjavik, without renting a car. We went in April and wanted a vehicle that could handle snow and rougher terrain, so we chose a Subaru Forrester. It was raining when we arrived and the car lot was not covered, so it was hard to do a quality vehicle inspection before signing a paper saying that the car looked ok. I had noticed two small chips in the window later on in our trip, which I am still not entirely certain were not there when we picked the car up, and the rental car company gave us a bill for nearly $400 dollars for repairs. There is not much opportunity to investigate when you need to catch a flight and I think they know this. Luckily, the credit card we used to book the car had a good insurance policy but it took a lot of back and forth to get the required paperwork for reimbursement. The funny thing is, the rental car company sent me a picture of the car as I supposedly turned it in with a crack running the length of the window. It was a good thing I took pictures to prove my innocence.
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Keflavík International Airport
There are several rental car agencies to choose from but the reviews all seemed pretty bad

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by srdshelly2


Would you mind identifying the agency you used? I'm going to Iceland next spring and would prefer to avoid them.

by webbie20bb


I used Europcar. I loved everything else about the country and this was the only negative experience of the trip. Good luck!

by Lenin1991


FWIW, I rented there from Hertz. I was also somewhat nervous with all the complaints I had read of every agency, but everything went great for me.

by tnguyen2005


wow...good tips. Thanks for the heads up!

by gabrielvh7


I can attest to Happy Camper not ha omg these problems! They were nice and understanding.

by webbie20bb


I was not familiar with Happy Camper. That would be a fun way to visit the country!

by kozman


I will add too that this is a known scam that some car companies do there to unsuspecting tourists. I rented with Truecar or Surecar (something like that) and got the supplemental insurance insurance ($40). But already knowing that many cheaper price car rental places magically find damage when you return the car or even long after you've left, I took a 360 degree inspection with my phone camera, video, top, bottom, in the engine area and underneath to note everything and make sure it jives with their damage / scratch report. I did not accept the keys until I noted everything wrong and I mean *everything*. I did not do the idiot tourist thing and rent a car not fit for gravel roads or 4x4 rated paths and go on either of those. I stuck to the main paved roads. Yes, the roads in Iceland are not at all like back home so just use common sense. It's very easy to get a rock chip from pebbles as there are tons of those about as you drive. Stay back far enough from other drivers so you don't get a pebble flung at your windshield or front hood.