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Camping on the Beach

Bolivar Peninsula, TX, USA
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Who hasn't wanted to spend the night on the beach? Well, in some places you can. Crystal Beach on the Bolivar Peninsula in Texas is one of those places. Here you can camp as long as you have a car sticker (although when we tried to buy one from multiple gas stations they only had ones from more than 3 years ago, so apparently you don't need one...). You are allowed to have a bonfire, too.

My husband and I camped here the night of a perigee moon. It was really pretty how brightly it reflected over the water. A few other campers were also on the beach for this, but otherwise it was deserted. In the morning we woke up early and walked a little ways to where there is a protected area (no cars) for nesting birds, where we saw some really pretty birds.

I'd definitely recommend trying to camp on the beach if you have the chance. It is often free, and it is relaxing to sit by the water, especially if you have a warm fire. It can be a little itchy with all the sand and if you haven't taken a shower after going in salt water, but it was worth it in my opinion.
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by jonmoffitt


Love camping! The beach is a great place for it!