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Camping in Starved Rock

Oglesby, IL, United States
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I went camping at Starved Rock State Park campgrounds with a group of friends in September. The campground is excellent for car campers/glampers. There's a playground and an open field to play sports. There are also hot showers and flush toilets, and each campsite has a fire pit and electricity. At the front of the campgrounds there's a store that sells firewood, fire starters, toiletries, treats, and s'mores things.

We spent the day hiking along the path to see the canyons on Saturday, and saw almost all of them in 4 hours with a stop for lunch. The weather had been dry so we didn't see any waterfalls. There were some steep stair climbs, but generally the hike was easy enough for the average adult. It would probably take longer for most people; we have a friend that does trail runs and tough mudders and we let him set the pace on the way back (and regretted it later!). The lodge has a cafe and restaurant for people who want to finish off the hike with a meal. We went back to the campsite and ate the dinner we brought instead.
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Sunfield Restaurant
We stopped here for breakfast the day we drove home. It serves American-style breakfast and we all thought the food was delicious and affordable. It was a great treat to stop to eat after cooking over a fire the whole weekend!

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Starved Rock State Park
This is where the trail is that leads to all the canyons.

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