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Camouflaged Beach

Pensacola, FL, United States
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While staying with my friends in Alabama, my mother and I took a side trip to see Pensacola, Florida. Personally I had no interest before I got there. But I ended up enjoying the day. Our goal was to sun on Pensacola Beach, but we didn’t realize that it was on a separate island and to get there you have to cross a bridge! So while searching for Pensacola Beach, we were able to see every corner of Pensacola. We found an animal preserve, some luxurious mansions, a wonderful drive along the shoreline, and a restaurant by the pier where we watched the sun set as we ate.
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Pensacola Beach
If you want to go to Pensacola Beach, just know that it is on an island and you have to cross the bridge from Pensacola to get there!!

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