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California Highway Patrol Academy

West Sacramento, CA, United States
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The California Highway Patrol Academy is located in Bryte (West Sacramento), California. The CHP academy of today is situated on 457 acres and consists of several facilities/training areas. These facilities/training areas include but are not limited to the administrative building which houses the CHP Museum, classrooms, dormitories, Staff Services building, multipurpose room which includes a deep swimming pool for water rescue training, food service building, driving training areas, shooting training and much more. The facility is not open to the public unless you arrange for a tour ahead of time. As you enter the Academy grounds there is a security gate and they will determine if you are granted or denied entry. With my retired employee ID card I have no issues entering but I do not have access to all areas of the Academy grounds unless I am escorted but a uniformed employee. This is the reason why I could not provide pictures pf the fun areas like the EVOC (Emergency Vehicle Operation Course) and the shooting range. I will go into a little more depth in more stories about the facility and some of the training. It has been a little bit since I went through the Academy (1983) so a lot has changed since then. For starters I only had to spend 20 weeks (five months) living at the Academy, today the CHP Cadets have to live and train for 27 weeks. The entire hiring process has changed quite a bit as well. The screening and background procedures are much more stringent, there is a physiological test/evaluation, a lie detector test and the list keeps going. To be continued.
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California Highway Patrol Academy
California Highway Patrol Academy
If you are interested in a tour be sure to per-arrange your visit so you aren't turned away at the gate

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