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Cadiz Party Center

Cadiz, OH, United States
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While were heading east on Cadiz Rd to go hang out with a friend in the area, but first we needed to obtain some booze because we were about to run dry. Out here in the boonies, it can be tough to find much of anything, and liquor stores are particularly scarce. We stumbled on this place in Cadiz, a very local type place, the antithesis of a chain style liquor store. The vibe in here could be fairly described as laid back. I was second in line at the check out counter, and the lone cashier opted to engage in a 5 minute long conversation with the customer in front of me about their respective sons before finally deciding to get back to servicing the line. No sweat when you're the only option for miles! That aside, the selection was impressive, prices were fair, and service was friendly despite being slow. If you are taking a leisure weekend in the woods in this region, this may be your only option if you want anything stronger than beer.
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