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Cable Car Ride - sort of

San Francisco, CA, United States
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Riding a cable car. One of the many nostalgic things you must do when staying in San Francisco. We got line early to ride the Powell-Mason line from Bay Street and waited patiently as they brought the next car around. It seemed like there were delays, but we still thought we had enough time until our lunch reservation at the end of the line. Then when it was boarding time, the hordes of people ran towards the car, dragging kids, pushing in front of people to get a good seat. We were lucky to get a seat inside, even though we were first in line. So, with all of that craziness behind us, we enjoyed our ride up and down huge hills, listening to the conductor ring the bell, then….snap! The cable broke. THE CABLE BROKE! So we waited another 5 minutes and decided to walk. I guess not every story has a happy ending.
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