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CHP Museum

West Sacramento, CA, United States
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The California Highway Patrol Museum is located in the Administrative Building on the Academy grounds. As soon as you enter the Admin Building you will see a fully restored 1969 Dodge Polara CHP patrol car. There is also a CHP motorcycle that someone had fun “Chopping.” As you enter the Museum you step back to 1929 and the beginning of the CHP. There are displays dedicated to different time frames in the history of the CHP. You will also see a glass display case that has several of the badges for different time periods including CHP Badge number 1. To put this into perspective the badge numbers are over 23000 right now (mine was in the 10900 to10999 range). The museum includes too much history to include in one story. I will try to make it as interesting as possible. If you have any interest in law enforcement history of any type or just want to see some very interesting and some very sad information, I would highly recommend making pre-arrangements to have a tour of the Academy and Museum if you are in the Sacramento area.
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California Highway Patrol Academy
California Highway Patrol Academy
The CHP Museum is located inside the Administrative Building at the CHP Academy

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