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CHON at the Showbox SoDo

Seattle, WA 98134, USA
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I'm a little old for this sort of thing, but my daughter and I share a love for all kinds of music and keep each other updated when we find something new or unusual. So when she ran across the San Diego group CHON and saw they were performing live in the SoDo (south of downtown) neighborhood of Seattle, she asked me to come along. After watching a couple of their YouTubes I agreed, because they have a very intricate and amazing guitar style that borders more on progressive jazz than any genre I can think of. But when we arrived at the venue the warm up band was in charge, and they were more the screamo-metal variety which I'm not a fan of. Unbelievably loud, I was glad I brought along ear plugs just in case. But once they left the stage and CHON came on, I was able to remove them because it wasn't nearly as crazy loud and they really do some amazing guitar work, but with virtually no vocals. There was a pretty large mosh pit scene going on in the center of the floor which kept us on guard trying to avoid getting unexpectedly body slammed, but it was worth it to see these amazing guys work the frets. Not something I do every day for sure, but an enjoyable night out with my daughter listening to some pretty cool new music.
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