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By the Bonny, Bonny Banks of Loch Lomond

Luss, Argyll and Bute G83, UK
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On our way to the Isle of Skye, my daughter and I drove up the scenic western coast of the legendary Loch Lomond, listening to traditional Scottish music on the rental car CD player. "By yon bonny banks, by yon bonny braes, the sun shines bright on Loch Lo-omond.." In fact, the sun was not shining at all. But the threatening clouds blowing over the bens (small mountains) just made the rugged scenery more dramatic, and we thoroughly enjoyed the drive.

We stopped at a small park along the side of A82 for a quick picnic. We were the only ones there. The sun peeked through the clouds for a few minutes, so we took a short hike along the shoreline, barely making it back to the car just before it started to rain in earnest. None of this bothered us at all, as we had a destination to get to up "the high road."It was a beautiful drive - highly recommended.
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by yogagirl


Beautiful! I left you a kudo (10 points!). Hope you'll do the same for me :-)