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Buttermilk Mountain - Aspen

Aspen, CO, United States
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Buttermilk mountain is one of the four mountains available in Aspen Colorado. This mountain is considered by most to be the beginner mountain as it is the smallest mountain and does not have many trails that are difficult or any bowls or much availability to ski trees. Certainly good for those new to skiing or kids, and the other perk of this mountain is the parking is very easy, and on days where the other three mountains have too much wind and no snow, because Buttermilk faces a different direction it often will be the opposite on these days and will have great conditions.
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The Red Onion
My favorite spot and possibly most well known spot in Aspen
White House Tavern
Great spot downtown to grab a bite to eat and some beer
Buttermilk Mountain Ski
Great ski spot for low traffic/tourist, and is good for beginners.

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very pretty!