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Busse Lake: Nice Place For a Picnic, Hike, Bike Ride, Boating or Fishing

Elk Grove Village, IL, United States
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For as long as I've been able to bait a hook and cast a rod is as long as I've been going to Busse Lake in Elk Grove Village. Sure, you can always go to Lake Michigan to fish off Montrose harbor or Navy Pier like the rest of the die-hards (or drop line in Axehead lake and catch, probably, nothing!), but I like it a bit more peaceful and not have to be competing with other fisherman for a spot on shore. So when I can, I pop over to Busse Lake in Elk Grove Village to cast out and see what bites. I took my little gal for her first time fishing and she wasn't even afraid of the worms. Looks like I have a future fishing buddy! She was so eager to fish she even chummed the bank for me to get the bluegill pumped up. I'd normally drop my jonboat in and troll the weeds for pike and bass but I wasn't in serious fishing mode since I had my little gal with me. And it's a bit tough to launch a boat by yourself! If you're looking for a nice day excursion to shore fish and want to walk the banks, I recommend Busse Lake and the Salt Creek dam spot for nice bass and pike/muskie. They don't allow gas motors but you can canoe, sail or pop your boat in and use an electric motor. For more info on the lake and what's in it, visit:
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Lees Global Tackle
Lee's bait shop will have all you need to fish at any of the local fishing holes including Busse Lake. 5 minutes away from the lake and very reasonable prices.


Busse Lake
A fairly large lake just outside of Chicago proper where you can drop in a canoe, fish, bike or have a picnic.

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