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Brotchen sandwich - the king of all German breakfast sandwiches

Stuttgart, BW, Germany
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Have you ever had a food while on vacation that ruined all other foods for you? I had a breakfast sandwich that did that for me during a trip to Stuttgart. We picked up these Brotz and breakfast sandwiches from Window vendor at a bakery and I don’t feel like any other breakfast I will eat in my life will compare to how delicious this meal was. The brotchen Was warm and soft and on the inside there was egg, Swiss cheese, A hash brown, and then your choice of either bacon or ham. You may think that you can get something similar to this in the states and have it just taste just as good, but the brooch and really made the whole sandwich. To this day have not been able to re-create this delicious (though greasy) Breakfast sandwich. Keep an eye out for these during your next trip to Stuttgart.
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