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British Airways Intra-Europe: Just Another Low Cost Carrier?

Lleida, CT, Spain
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We flew British Airways from Ibiza to London Gatwick, and it was our first experience with the airline. As a funny sidenote, I had redeemed British Airways miles to fly on American, LATAM, Alaska Air, Sri Lankan Airlines, and Qantas before ever actually setting foot on an actual British Airways plane! To get to the point, the experience was incredibly underwhelming. Honestly, it was indistinguishable from flying a European low cost carrier like Vueling or EasyJet. We flew on an A320, and the coach seats were jammed together at a 28 inch pitch. There was zero complimentary food or drink on this 2.5 hour flight, it was strictly pay to play. Interactions with flight crew were brusque, and the lavatory was small to the point of needing to be a contortionist to even get in there. Check in experience was weak: there were no kiosks or separate bag drop lanes for those who had already checked in online. Everyone had to wait in a large line to be checked in old school style. Boarding was nerve racking as everyone forms a massive line well before boarding starts. The plane did depart and arrive on time, and it was a cheap flight. Put it this way, BA made American Airlines look like a premium airline.
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