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Breathtaking Cahuita National Park

Cahuita, Limón Province, Costa Rica
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Another of our many excursions in Costa Rica was a 3-day visit to the Caribbean coast. I've never been *anywhere* on the Caribbean, sadly, so this was a great first taste.

The drive took forever. The main road experience a mudslide, so we were left to wind through the hills of the Cartago province for hours. At least it was beautiful and the weather was good. We finally arrived in Cahuita just before dark.

The next two days were wonderful. The beach in Cahuita National Park is spectacularly beautiful. It is swimmable, which was tons of fun for the kids. My one regret is not being able to take a snorkeling trip to the reef, but with three kids to wrangle, it didn't seem feasible.

We also enjoyed a walk in the forest as well, where we got to see monkeys. A little while later, the same monkeys were throwing fruit at us. Quite the introduction to the local wildlife.

Overall, it was a great little trip, and one I'd gladly repeat. Our hotel was quaint, and a good deal, but if we returned, I'd probably look somewhere else.
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Hotel El Colibri Rojo
Quaint little place. The hosts were great. It was budget, but adequate.

Points of interest

Playa Blanca
Beautiful beach. Definitely spend the day here. Then spend the next in the park.
Cahuita National Park
Spectacular. I highly recommend. Definitely a must see if you're touring the Caribbean in Costa Rica.


Ristorante Pizzeria CahuITA
Decent pizza, but took literally forever. Would not recommend if you're in a hurry.
Cocorico Pizzeria Ristorante
Decent pie. Everything here is thin crust. The one guy working was really nice.

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