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Both hemispheres at once @ the middle of the world

Pichincha, Pichincha, Ecuador
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When I booked my trip to Ecuador, I was not even thinking about the equator. (Even though "equator" in Spanish is, quite literally, "ecuador.") I was thinking jungles, practicing my Spanish, and essentially that it was one of the cheapest countries I could fly to in South America because it was at the very top - a big draw in deciding where to book my adventure. But I'd done some research since booking and found out you can stand on either side of the equator - both hemispheres at once - not too far from Quito. Obviously I had to do it! I grabbed a new friend from my tour group and we trekked out to "the middle of the world" - it contains a big monument and a line supposedly drawn where the two hemispheres meet. Little did the creators know, but their calculations were SLIGHTLY off, so it is not quite the center of the world - but almost. It was still a fantastic experience to kick off my vacation on my very first day in Ecuador.
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Intiñan Solar Museum
The Inti Nan Museum is where the real equator is. However, my friend and I were unable to find it. You can do all sorts of science experiments there, such as balancing an egg on the head of a nail.

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This has been on my bucket list for a while - especially at this this time of year when you can see the Big Dipper and the Southern Cross at the same time while standing on the Equator - or within about 25 degrees of it.