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Borough Market - Don't Go Hungry!

London, , United Kingdom
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If you visit the Borough Market in London don’t go hungry! I guess I should say buy and eat a sandwich or meal from one of the vendors and then stroll around to buy some of the other special foods you can buy. I had to keep remembering that I needed to carry what I was buying with me on the Tube. There are several butchers with locally grown meat. I tried several types of sausages that were mouthwatering. I was in London in January so there was wild game available. There was a stall selling olives in staggering variety. Those with some local cheeses and bread made for a great lunch. I found the vendors to be very helpful, though I was there when it wasn’t too crowded. I went back a second time and shopped for vegetables. There was a basket about two feet across that was filled with different types of mushrooms. I told the vendor how much I wanted and that I wanted several types and we worked out a nice arrangement. They were delicious! I am glad I went twice as there were different things for sale in one area of the market. This time I also bought some very good chocolates and slices of cake. I was staying with friends and this was a great alternative to eating out. The market is located on Southwark Street and Borough High Street. It’s easy to get to and it’s is in close walking distance to several other great places to visit.
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Tate Modern
The Tate Museum is a ten minute walk from the market.


Utobeer Ltd
If you like beer this is a place to visit! They have every type of beer you can imagine. It's great to be able to buy the same type of beer from different breweries to compare.
London Borough of Southwark
There were so many things I wanted to try I visited twice in the time I was in London.

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I took the exact same photo when I was there! Great minds think alike!

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looks good!