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Boca Chica Beach at Night

Reid Hope King, TX, United States
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I really enjoyed visiting Boca Chica Beach during my stay in Brownsville, Texas. I have written a couple of stories about it already. Like most visitors, I first saw the beach during the daylight hours. Yet, I also realized that this beach is quite beautiful at night. I took a short walk along the beach during a starlit night. After a few moments, clouds quickly rolled in and obscured the sky - but not before I got a quick look at the Southern Cross right on the horizon.

Can you find the Southern Cross in this picture? If you cannot see it, do not worry. I will point it out in my next story.

If you visit Boca Chica Beach, be aware that there are no facilities here. Likewise there are no lifeguards and there is no security. You should take basic precautions if you plan to visit - especially at night. That being said, I did not feel afraid during my visit.
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