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Boats on Utah Beach

Sainte-Marie-du-Mont, Normandie, France
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Utah Beach is one of the main areas in Normandy where people go to visit and for that reason, there is a ton of military stuff here. From museums to memorials, you will find it here. Before entering the beach, you will run into this boat that is a replica of the boats used to transport the troops to storm the beaches here. You are allowed to go into this boat and check it out. There is also a sculpture of a bunch of soldiers coming out of the boat to show what it would have looked like as they entered the beach area. It was a really nice tribute to the troops who fought on Utah Beach
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Points of interest

Utah Beach Landing Museum
This museum is definitely worth your time and the admission fee is quite low.
This is where you will find Utah Beach and the memorials and museums here.
The area of France that is mostly known for its involvement in WWII
Utah Beach
This beach is famous for being the location of the beaches being stormed by the allied forces.

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