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Black Friday Breakfast at IHOP!

Brown Deer, WI, United States
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After waking up at 3am and driving to Milwaukee, my boyfriend and I went Black Friday shopping in Brown Deer (what a freaking nightmare!). After getting tired of the long lines, and spending way to much money, we went a little off the beaten path for breakfast and ended up visiting International House of Pancakes, but the lines were just as long and the people just as hungry as we were! After we finally got seated at IHOP, we spent more than a few minutes looking and laughing at the food on the menu. The Grinch's Green Pancakes for a limited time! lol. IHOP is famous for a plate of hot and fresh pancakes, but I had some amazingly good ham, eggs and a really yummayyy stuffed french toast filled with hot cream cheese in the middle! Mouth watering it was! It hit the spot and then some! I was definitely full from my breakfast meal. My boyfriend had what he called a delicious omelets! Whatever floats his boat!! If you come during the holiday season, they offer a variety of create your own meals to include green pancakes if you so choose. Check out their holiday fare on the menu of their website and look for specially selected with holiday treats!
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And if you’re in the area and looking for a great hot breakfast, International House of Pancakes is the best and their holiday menu makes this a great place to bring your friends! Great service, hot food, friendly staff. Great reviews too! I recommend a visit.

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