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Birding Brooklyn 🦅

Brooklyn, NY 11225, USA
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When you ask a birder for their bucket list of places they want to travel to see birds, you probably won’t find too many people who place Brooklyn at the top of their lists. I love to get outside, but it’s never why I choose to travel to NYC! On my most recent trip to Prospect Park, which is super awesome for birding, I ran into this little guy and was super pumped. I had not seen one in a couple of years and was totally surprised to run into him. The park is a really great space to get outside in then middle of a city!
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15 St - Prospect Park Station
You can get off the train at the 15 St - Prospect Park Station

For kids

Prospect Park Carousel
another fun spot for kids is the Prospect Park Carousel
Vanderbilt Playground
treat the kids to some fun at the Vanderbilt Playground.
Prospect Park Zoo
The Prospect Park Zoo is a great place for kids.

Points of interest

The Green-Wood Cemetery
The Green-Wood Cemeter is also really good for bird watching
The park is one of the best parts of Brooklyn, NY
Botanic Garden
The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is a great spot in the city
Prospect Park War Memorial
stop by to see the Prospect Park War Memorial while there.
Prospect Park South
Prospect Park South
This is a really good place to see birds in the city.

Special activities

Wheel Fun Rentals - Lefrak Center at Lakeside Prospect Park
Stop by the LeFrak Center at Lakeside Prospect Park Brooklyn.

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