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Billy Carter's service station

Plains, GA, United States
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Billy Carter's service station in Plains, Georgia has become quite the cool museum. This gas station was owned by Jimmy Carter's brother and was once a hotspot during the presidential campaign. It has been a museum since 2008 and it is where you can find a lot of memorabilia that relates to both Billy Carter, such as Billy beer. Although it is pretty small and does not take much time to go through, I thought that this was a great stop during our time in Plains. I noted that it was open Monday through Friday from 9-5, so make sure you stop by during the week. Also, there is no entrance fee, but there is a place to make donations, so stick some money in there to support this small museum!
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Billy Carter's Service Station
Billy Carter's Service Station
This small museum is free to enter, but please make a small donation.
Plains, GA is mostly known for being the hometown of Jimmy Carter.

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