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Big Beach Rocks Outside Killorglin !

Killorglin, County Kerry, Ireland
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Holy cow kids, FREE SOUVENIRS!! If you're looking to add a fun activity to do with family on your bucket list, add this beach. Even though we forgot a bucket, a shovel and we couldn't go swimming, when we found this beach in Killorglin, located a few miles down the road from town. I never expected to walk across a coastline with such an enormous amount of big, beautiful colorful rocks before! The rocks were a variety colors and sizes, but mainly mid sized rocks. You can find tan rocks, orange rocks, yellowish rocks, gray rocks, white rocks and black rocks in all different shapes, colors and sizes and they all line the inner shores on this beach. The entire coastline is filled with amazing sand you are free to walk along while picking up some amazingly beautiful rocks. So if you're looking for something to do, like taking some big rocks back home with you for a souvenir for your kids, add the Big Rock Beach near Killorglin to your bucket list! Fun family day it was!
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Dublin Airport
From the Dublin airport it is roughly a little over a three and a half hour drive to Killorglin. I passed a lot of toll roads along the way on this route.
Kerry Airport
From the Kerry airport it is roughly a twenty four minute drive to Killorglin.

Culture and experiences

Killorglin is roughly a nineteen minute drive from Killarney town.

Points of interest

The roads in southwestern Ireland are not fun to drive on. They are narrow, tiny and usually only one car can fit on them. Driving down the Ring of Kerry really stressed me out. All the cars passing me like no other and nowhere to turn to the side. So when I turned off to go to Tullig, I had already pretty much lost my mind. This was a highlight to our visit because the rocks were a knock out! Located right next to the coastline. Great scenery, great big rocks and a great time! The roads are not the best and I almost turned around, but I kept going just for the kids!
Even though in town may be boring, If you keep driving down some very narrow roads, you will come to the most beautiful big rock beach in all of Ireland. The scenery is breathtaking, the rocks are big and beautiful. This is a definite must see Beach when you’re in Ireland.


Scotts Street
Scotts Irish Pub and eatery is located on Scott street. I had a gravy with potatoes and pork and my group had some hot hamburgers with fries. Scotts is located in the heart of downtown Killarney on a busy street.

Special activities

Railway Bridge Walk
An old church along with an old Railway Bridge is located outside of Killorglin. We would have liked to walk this bridge but we didn't find out about it until after we got back to our house that night. If you like walking across old bridges with narrow paths, add this to your itinerary.

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