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Better than NYC's MOMA

Saint Paul, MN, United States
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The Minnesota Museum of American Art was not something I thought would be up my alley. Modern art doesn't tend to grab my attention, and when it does, it's usually in a dismissive "what is this?" sort of way.


I was surprised to find several pieces that I couldn't help asking the staff about; I wanted to know more about this beautifully curated and clearly well-thought-out exhibit. It turns out they also do a lot of classes for local kids, and host a Materials Lab where anyone can come in and get creative. If you're in the Twin Cities, check it out!
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St Paul Union Depot (dropoff)
Public transit line well within walking distance to the MMAA.

Culture and experiences

Science Museum of Minnesota
A great museum featuring natural history, technology, and much more.
Minnesota Museum of American Art
Well curated exhibits and the Materials Lab for anyone to play in!

Points of interest

Cathedral of Saint Paul
Distinctive, beautiful cathedral and a fine example of Beaux-Arts architecture.

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