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Best way to get around in Seoul

Seoul, South Korea
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If you want to get anywhere in Seoul you should use the subway. Korea has one of the best subway systems in the world. I think subway is the best way to move around the city. It is safe, clean, inexpensive, well organized, foreigner friendly and very easy to use. The stations are announced in multiple languages (Korean, Japanese, Chinese and English) so you won't get lost. There is a lot of different lines and stations so it can be a bit overwhelming at first but it's actually pretty easy to figure out and use, especially if you use an app.
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Seoul subway is the best way to get around the city

Culture and experiences

Gyeonghuigung Palace
One of the smaller palaces but a big part of history
Not very big but very interesting historical place in Seoul

Points of interest

Tapgol Park
Tapgol park is a nice quiet little park in Seoul
Seoul City Wall Trail
You can see some nice views and take some pictures
A very peaceful place located in the busy Gangnam area


Maple Tree House
Korean BBQ restaurant with good quality food and nice atmosphere
myeongdong kyoja
Nice place with delicious dumplings and noodles, good service and prices
Baekjeong Bbq
Great Korean bbq place, meat was really good, reasonable prices


Lotte Young Plaza
It's a pretty nice mall, not very big but good
Goto Mall
GOTO Mall is one of the best places to shop

Special activities

SEOUL SKY Observatory
Seoul Sky observatory offers beautiful view of the city, it's amazing

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