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Best view from the Citadel

Dinant, Walloon Region, Belgium
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Dinant is a city in Belgium’s Walloon Region. It’s on the banks of the Meuse River and backed by steep cliffs. Perched on an outcrop above town is the centuries-old fortified Citadel. It's now a museum with sweeping views. Below it is the Gothic Collegiate Church of Our Lady. Nearby, on the site of saxophone inventor Adolphe Sax’s birthplace, Mr. Sax’s House has interactive exhibits on the instrument’s development. As you approach Dinant, the pear-shaped spire of the Collegiate Church of Our Lady will attract your attention. In 1227 a large slab of rock detached from the rock face, destroying a previous church on this site. It was progressively rebuilt during the 13th century.
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