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91016 Erice Trapani, Italy
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We decided to take a day trip to Trapani from Palermo and while there, a local suggested we see Erice. We never heard of it, but checked it out on line and decided to give it a go. Wow! We were very impressed!

Erice is a mountain top town, offering breathtaking views of the Sicily and the sea. What's more is that it's also very much an 'old city' characterized by ancient buildings, narrow streets, and cobblestone roads.

We drove up a very long and winding road to the top and parked near the castles which are built into the side of the mountain. There were gorgeous! After a few hours visiting these charming relics, we also explored the streets and got to visit some local cafes, peruse some local art shops and check out some galleries.

One of my favorite memories is standing near Giardino del Balio, looking up at the sky and seeing clouds pass quickly not 10 feet over my head. Yes, we were in a town in the clouds!
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