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Fantastic festival seemingly every weekend. We went to th...

Alesund, Møre og Romsdal, Norway
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The Geirrangerfjord is really the one fjord to see if you are going all the way there. I took the ferry boat RT from Alesund (with Hurtigruten )which is a beautiful city. You should give yourself a night or two in Alesund as its so pretty. I got to Alesund on a short bus trip from Andalsnes. I took the train to Andalsnes from Oslo and got very cheap tickets by buying early direct with the railroad. The train ride was long but comfy with some pretty scenery.After seeing the fjord I flew from Alesund to Stavanger with advance tickets that were not expensive. I went to the Pulpit Rock in Stavanger. We took the bus from Stavanger to Bergen. The Sognefjorden there is the second best to see and the city is very enjoyable too. Finished with the Norway in a Nutshell and then took the train back to Oslo which is highly recommended as its so pretty.Oslo is pretty and good to spend some time in. There are pretty museums, castles and a great open air museum and some parks are not to miss. There are festivals there nearly everyweekend in summer and are a blast. The subway is very nice to take and so easy. Bring good rain gear as rain can be heavy and wind can be strong.If your time is limited I would drop Stavanger from this trip as its the most expensive spot being the center of the oil drilling fleet and not as lovely as the other places though it is very nice.Hotel rooms tend to be tiny, like Hong Kong size, so you may want to upgrade to bigger rooms. Breakfast buffets make up for the small rooms and its a lovely Nordic experience. After huge breakfasts I seldom ate lunch and you are forced into an early dinner as places close very early. We scrambled one night to get served anywhere in Oslo at 10:30 PM.Booze is very expensive so we both brought a bottle from Duty Free.
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