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Best beaches in the Caribbean? Turks & Caicos!

Caicos Islands, Caicos Islands, Turks and Caicos Islands
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Do you want to escape the freezing cold of the Northeast? Do you want to fly to paradise in 3 hours or less (from NYC at least)? Do you like white sand beaches with the softest sand and clearest blue water?

If you said "Yes!" to all of the above, then look no further than "Provo" Turks & Caicos. My wife and I took a quick 4 day trip (Oct. 2014) down to T&C based on some recommendations from our friends. I thought that most of them were exaggerating when it came to the beaches, but they didn't even do them justice. We stayed at the Seven Stars resort, highly recommend it, and did a whole lot of nothing besides sun bathe, drink, eat and drink. That said, here are some highlights:

1) 3 hour flight or less from JFK in New York
2) Best beaches I've ever been on, and I've been everywhere from Australia, Hawaii to Thailand. This sand is S-O-F-T.
3) Friendly locals, English speaking, and $USD is main currency
4) Incredible seafood - conch and lobster season is nearly year round
5) Weather is generally in the 80s Fahrenheit, so never too hot, nor too cool
6) Everything is really accessible on Provo, as it's a small island, and you can visit the other islands easily.
7) 3rd largest reef in the world!! The snorkeling was amazing, and we just talked with some locals who owned a boat and they took us out (got snorkel gear from our hotel).
8) Every thursday night is the local favorite "Fish Fry" - which has incredible local seafood, drinks and live music

1) Everything is accessible - as in there's not a whole lot to do. Main town is pretty boring, so if you're looking for a unique cultural experience, Provo may not be the best island for you
2) USD means USD prices, it's not the cheapest place to stay, nor are some of the restaurants, but we rarely had a bad meal

If you've never been to the Caribbean (this was only our second time since we're Californian's who now live in NY) this is a great starter island. If you've been several times, but never to T&C - you're missing out on truly some of the best beaches, amazing seafood and friendliest people in the entire Caribbean!
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Seven Stars Resort
Seven Stars Resort
Incredible hotel, really nice grounds, huge rooms and one of the best beaches of any hotels we walked by. Breakfast included and very, very good. Drinks and dinner a bit pricey, but nearby grocery store is a great place to stock up on some snacks and booze. Our room had a small kitchenette. Staff very welcoming and friendly and again, their pool and beach area was amazing.


Coco Bistro
This was recommended as probably the best non-hotel restaurant and top destination on the island. It was incredibly good, but it's not cheap! Reservations are highly recommended, but again my wife and I had a stellar meal here. The restaurant itself is part indoors and outdoors in a beautiful old home. If you're willing to spend some extra cash, it's worth it.
Mango Reef
Lots of restaurants charge you for a special on the beach dinner, Mango Reef is one of the exceptions that sets up about 10 tables for sunset/beach dinners. The food is INCREDIBLE and reasonably priced. If you're with your wife/husband/gf/bf this place is a must stop.

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Turks and Caicos is on my bucket least for the beaches