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Best Of Oahu: Hanauma Bay

Hawaii, HI, United States
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The stunning surroundings of Hanauma Bay is considered by many as an spectacular snorkeling site in Oahu! I have been here twice. Sadly, during my third visit in Oahu, we didn't get to enter because they were super packed and it was full, so the entrance was blocked off. So with that said come here early!

Before getting in the water, visitors are required to watch an informational video about the bay. Snorkeling gears are readily available for rent as well. Like I said, this popular destination can get packed, but my friends and I still managed to find a good spot on the beach! It was indeed a great experience to snorkel in Hanauma Bay! It seemed that the corals were in good shape, and my friends who swam further out were able to spot some turtles!

I definitely enjoyed my time here, but I'm still kinda bummed that I did not have my underwater camera with me that day! Lastly, they have a trolley service you can take to and from the parking lot for a small fee! It's definitely worth it if you are tired and you don't want to walk uphill!

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Honolulu International Airport
The gateway to Oahu aka: paradise!


Waikiki Gateway Hotel
I've stayed in this hotel with a couple of friends. They were helpful and offered us tickets/tour to Hanauma Bay but we kindly declined since we had our car to use.


Zippy's Koko Marina
We stopped by here after Hanauma Bay! The orange bang drink is a must when coming to Zippy's. I personally liked this location compared to others because it is on the marina!


I love how you can walk in a 7-11 and get some legit spam musubi to bring to the beach as snacks! They are inexpensive and really good!

Special activities

Hanauma Bay
Arrive early! There has been an increase with tour groups here!

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That water is beautiful!