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Beautiful View of Mt. Lemmon

Catalina, AZ, United States
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Mt. Lemmon is located in the Santa Catalina Range in Arizona, it is surrounded by Coronado National Forest. Much cooler than Tucson and will have snow during the winter month and a popular location for skiing and snow activities, lucky for us, we didn’t encounter any snow because we went earlier in the season. The scenic drive takes about 45 minutes up to the summit and it is quite a nice drive, curving along the mountain side, sort of desert then become more forest toward the top. There are multiple pull out along the road, so you can take picture.
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Points of interest

Mount Lemmon
It was named after Sara Plummer Lemmon after she trekked to the top of the mountain

Special activities

Mt Lemmon Ski Valley
The ski resort in Mt. Lemmon with lift that you can take up which we did not do, we did the scenic drive instead.

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