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Beautiful Valley of Fire Park in Nevada

Jackman, NV, United States
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If you're like me and you find yourself stuck in Vegas longer than you can handle Vegas, you could do worse than to make it out to Valley of Fire park. For anyone wondering, it's actually in Overton, as per my geotagged photos and their website, but it won't let me tag that town name here so I am going with the closest bigger town on the map. If you have spent time out in this area before, you will be familiar with this area's rock formations, deep, rich hues, and basically "blow your mind" style beauty. You can camp or hike here or even just take a casual walk, which is what we did, although not much that happens in 105 degrees is *that* casual to me;) I highly recommend it if you want to do an easy side trip and you in in the Vegas area.
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Valley of Fire
Valley of Fire
A great place to admire the beautify of red rocks and petrified wood

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