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Beautiful Train Ride From Como to Zurich

San Giovanni, Lombardia, Italy
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After our time in Como, we needed to make our way to Zurich, as that’s where we were flying home from. We took the train from Como San Giovanni to Zurich HB. It was just under a 3 hour train ride and it was absolutely beautiful. We passed by so many lakes and hills and mountains, and got to see a little taste of the Swiss Countryside. There are a lot of tunnels along the route, but other than that pretty much every time we looked out the window, we were surrounded by beautiful green hills, blue waters and skies, or white snow capped mountains. I’d love to make my way back to some of the small towns we went past on that train and do a Switzerland trip.... we will just have to save a lot of money for that one because Switzerland is so expensive!! But I would love to rent a car and drive along the areas that the train took us!
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