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Beautiful Rogue

Medford, OR, United States
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One of my relatives lived in Medford, Oregon for some time and although it has been awhile since I have been there, I do remember visiting a few fish hatcheries along the Rogue River and the scenery was breathtaking. I don’t remember exactly where this photo was taken - it may have been north of Medford, near the Cole Rivers Hatchery. The Rogue River is great for fishing or white water rafting, watching the salmon runs or just taking in the gorgeous rugged scenery. It winds its way about 215 miles in a westward fashion from the Cascade Range to the Pacific Ocean.
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Points of interest

Barr Creek Falls
There are several waterfalls north of medford. Save some time to visit the Barr Creek Falls, Crowfoot and Butte
Cole Rivers Hatchery
Also north of Medford is the Cole Rivers Hatchery, one of the largest hatcheries in Oregon
Mill Creek Falls
About an hour north from Medford, we stopped off at this 173 waterfall. Gorgeous!

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