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Beautiful Park

Twentynine Palms, CA, United States
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We did a day trip from Vegas to Joshua Tree National Park. It was about 3.5 hour drive. Most of the drive is very desolate and cell service hit and miss. Make sure to gas up,no gas stations. If looking to make this your destination, I suggest staying in Palm Springs. It's a much shorter drive. The park itself is expensive! We really just caught a glimpse of it in only being there for 6-7 hours. We hiked Split Rock trail (2.5 miles) and Skull Rock. Both very neat.We also climbed Ryan Mountain. This is not for the average Joe. 3 miles, 1000 feet elevation and all steps. It was VERY Windy!! We've been to a lot of national parks and this one is one of the best. Just outside the park is Joshua Tree Saloon. A good place to stop for a drink or bite to eat before hitting the road.
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