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Beach of Barceloneta

Barceloneta, CT, Spain
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Its central location and its easy access by public transport make it one of the favorite beaches for foreign users and local young people who practice sports activities. The beach has an extensive sports and leisure equipment consisting of several volleyball courts, children's play areas, table tennis. While you are traveling to and from buildings of all cultural and patrimonial interest, you can visit the bars and restaurants that are located on the seashore or follow it until you reach the Mare Magnum Shopping Center where there are some rather cozy and not so expensive restaurants. If it is hot you can spend the day in the place go swimming and then eat fish and seafood in the restaurant of the best place if it is hot.
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Rambla de Mar
It comprises a section of 1,200 m distance between the southern end of the Rambla de Mar

Points of interest

La Barceloneta
La Barceloneta is a very nice place, nice beaches, no services
La Barceloneta
La Barceloneta is a very nice place, with several blocks of walking next to the beach.
El Cap de Barcelona
It is an unmissable tour that allows you to observe the marina of the city of Barcelona and in whose journey the sculptures "La Langosta" and "La Cara de Barcelona
Sant Sebastià
along with Sant Sebastià Beach , one of the largest and oldest beaches in Barcelona .

Special activities

Barceloneta Beach
To know the Barceloneta you have to walk through its streets, square, church, the market, restaurants and bars
Carretera de Mataró
The width of the seafront is variable, depending on the morphology and urban needs
The construction project of the Badalona promenade arises from the need to improve the city's maritime front.

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